7 benefits of ballet lessons for kids Gold Coast

If you’ve got a little girl—or maybe even a little boy in your household, chances are you’re being begged to enrol them in Gold Coast ballet lessons for kids. As a parent, perhaps you’re wondering whether your child will thrive in ballet classes or whether they’ll quickly lose interest. Extra-curricular dance classes can be a commitment of both time and money so, naturally, you want it to be worth your investment.

At Dynamite, our ballet lessons for kids, Gold Coast, are structured around age groups and specifically targeted to suit developmental abilities—not to mention attention spans. We go to great lengths to ensure your child is engaged and stimulated with the exercises in each class. Our students (and their parents) regularly tell us they can’t wait to come back each week to participate in our classes.

There are many benefits to enrolling your child into ballet lessons for kids on the Gold Coast. Clinically speaking, there is significant evidence that children who take performing arts classes, such as ballet or other forms of dance, are less inclined to spend too much time in front of screens which is extremely beneficial for their health. If that’s not benefit enough, here are just a few additional points to consider.

Improve gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are those that require whole body movement such as jumping, sitting, walking, balancing and running. They engage the large muscle groups, such as core stabilisation, to enable us to perform everyday functions. Enrol your child into ballet lessons for kids on the Gold Coast to increase their control of their body and improve gross motor skills.

Progress coordination

Coordination is part of our gross motor skills, but it goes beyond this. It’s the ability to coordinate between our brain and body as well as the left and right sides of our body. It is the ability to move with purpose, ease, care and efficiency and to understand where our body ends and something else begins. Our Gold Coast ballet classes for kids are specifically structured to improve coordination.

Increases socialisation

Socialising with other children is an important part of a child’s development. Dance classes naturally bring together children with diverse personalities and cultural backgrounds, but each child is connected by a love for movement. Each and every opportunity that your child gets to interact with different social groups helps them to develop skills that will set them up for a life of effective communication and strong relationships. Enrol your child into our ballet lessons for kids on the Gold Coast and see them make a whole host of new friends.

Builds focus and attention

Dancing encourages children to pay attention to cues and instructions given to them by teachers. To learn routines, they have to commit movements to memory. Gold Coast ballet classes for kids are a fun and engaging way to build your child’s attention span which will see them succeed in other areas of their life where focus and attention are required—such as school.

Teaches rhythm

If you don’t have rhythm, you pretty much spend your whole life wishing you had it! Give your child the edge by enrolling them in our Gold Coast ballet classes for kids so they learn rhythm from a young age. Their awkward teenage self (at least) will thank you for it.

Body awareness

By learning movement arts, children naturally become more aware of their bodies. They begin to recognise what each part of their body is capable of, what their limbs do and what they might be able to achieve of if they put in a little commitment. This, in turn, helps to develop confidence and teaches them to seek out new challenges instead of being afraid of them.

Dance is a creative outlet

Moving our body is a wonderful way to release emotion and fire up our imagination. It also makes us feel good. Having a medium through which they’re able to improve their mood and physically refresh themselves, sets your child up with a dynamic tool to release daily stress and even tackle difficult issues such as depression and anxiety.