Young Starz (6-10 Years)

If you’re a beginner or more advanced student in dance, music and/or song, then develop and experience a diverse range of skills and styles at the Gold Coast’s leading performing arts school. Dynamite Studios Australia's Young Starz Program is designed to suit performers of all levels, from 6 years to 10 years, and offers a wide range of classes that students can take after school and on weekends. DSA offers dance training in every style from Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Stretch and Technique, Turns and Leaps, Hip Hop, and RAD Classical Ballet, to performing arts training in Singing, Acrobatics, Circus Arts and Musical Theatre.


Classes consist of traditional, Broadway style and commercial jazz, incorporating a blend of turns and leaps, technique, strength and style culminating in a polished performance piece choreographed by working professionals.


Tap dancing is one of the oldest and most famous types
 of dance. Tap dancing is a lively and rhythmically driven style in which the performer is both dancer and percussive musician. Tap dancing demands a sense of timing and rhythm. Students develop strength and stability in the upper body to contrast the speedy footwork.


Contemporary dance is a fusion of technique and raw movement, combined with ballet styles and expressive flowing patterns to create individual expression through movement. Contemporary seeks to work with the natural alignment of the body, and is therefore safe and accessible for beginners. At the same time, the ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance technique allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.


Lyrical dance is a genre of dance created by merging ballet, jazz and contemporary. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movement and express strong emotions, usually the emotions that the choreographer feels from the song. Because of this emotional element, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness, rather than precision in the dancer’s movements.

RAD Classical Ballet

Ballet is the technical foundation to all dance styles and we believe it is an integral part of learning how to dance. Students are taught the RAD syllabus. Classical Ballet demands grace and precision. Students are taught correct posture and poise, while improving muscle development and strength through the use of their arms and head. The legs develop strength and flexibility through a great deal of work on turnout, extensions and jumps. We also offer the opportunity for students to take part in annual examinations and in years 11-12 QCAA recognises RAD Classical Ballet contributing studies for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Stretch and Technique

Stretch and Technique conditioning teaches correct alignment to improve flexibility , strength and control. It also has a body-to-brain component which enhances the longevity of sustaining a career in performance. This is due to the brain having the ability to sustain this mind-body memory once correctly enhanced, hence the continuing visual improvement one observes.

Turns and Leaps

Our Turns and Leaps classes focus on jumping and turning, two technical aspects of dance that are used in almost all forms of dance and choreography. These classes will teach students how to properly prepare for a jump safely, to prevent injury to the body, as well as how to turn properly on the body’s centre axis to prevent from falling over or feeling unstable. The ability to jump and turn correctly is very crucial to a dancer’s technical progress.


Our singing classes are designed to teach students correct vocal technique, application to song and performance skills whilst boosting confidence and stage craft through live performance opportunities.

Musical Theatre

A group class, learning vocal technique and drama and dance skills, combined with learning how to perform in the Musical Theatre genre. Students also learn how to prepare for auditions. This is an exciting and fun way to mix singing, dancing and acting.


Dynamite Studios Australia acting classes cater to young performers, focusing on role playing techniques, team work participation and confidence development. Each class allows for students to develop skills on Acting in TV commercials, comedy skits, improvisation and self-creation plus much more.


Classes are choreography based and are highly stylised to that of an international standard. Correct Hip Hop technique is taught within the choreography, with a high emphasis on foundation grooves, movement and connection to the music. A variety of different movements and styles are incorporated into every piece of choreography. Boys only classes are also available in this style.

Hip Hop Crews

The Dynamite Studios crew program is a hip hop development program offered to four levels of crews (Junior, Young Guns, Varsity & Mega) for all ages and experience levels. The program is specifically designed and delivered by crew mentor Jason Weiland, the Director of 'The Hood Academy'. The main focus and direction for the crew program is to grow and develop member’s confidence, abilities and skills. All crew members will be given the opportunity to learn, grow, train, be inspired, perform, compete and travel. We hold annual auditions each year, seeking new members to join our crew programs.


Students start with fundamental skills of acrobatics and cater for all skill levels. A variety of skills are taught in this class including: basic tumbling skills, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, kick overs and round offs.  Students can then progress into advanced skills such as: walkovers, back flips, aerials, front and back somersaults. Strength, body posture and flexibility work are also included to ensure the body is capable of such skills.

Tumble Track and Balance

Tumbling track, also known as power tumbling, is an acrobatics sporting discipline which combines skills of artistic gymnastics with those of trampolining. It allows the student to link more advanced tumbling skills whilst focusing on confidence, tumbling technique and safe landing practices.

Circus Arts

A modern art form that incorporates the use of hanging equipment, DSA utilizes silks, lyra and trapeze. Aerial increases versatility in circus arts, acrobatics and dance, and uses high-flying acrobatic feats to amaze audiences.

Training Blocks

Our performance team training blocks apply to ages 11 years and over. They run for 25 weeks of the calendar year, and 100% attendance and commitment from all performance team members is required throughout that full calendar year. The training blocks are designed to train and polish performance team routines to be competition ready. The performance team training blocks allow students to bond and grow as a team, all whilst improving and succeeding as individual dancers.