Why Age Doesn’t Matter In The Dance Studio

Dancing is a great form of exercise that benefits people at every age. As it turns out, it has special benefits that kick in the older you get – and all that’s needed to experience this benefit is to do it frequently enough.

If you’ve been staying away from Gold Coast dance studios thinking that dance lessons are just for the young or for competing professional dancers, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s why age doesn’t matter in the dance studio as well as some of the unique benefits it offers older dancers.

Good for the body and mind

The benefits of keeping moving as you get older is well known. Frequent exercise is known to keep your bones and joints healthy and make other symptoms of ageing less unpleasant. As we get older and our natural muscle and body strength decreases, dancing can help us retain it, while at the same time helping to boost our ability to balance, maintain the correct postural position as well as have better reaction times when faced with sudden changes or stimuli. This improves your reflexes and drastically reduces your chances of falling, which happens more often as you age and requires a longer recovery time.

Recent research reveals that it might benefit the mind as well. A study undertaken by a Finnish researcher shows that those experienced in dance and dance movement reflexively react faster without even consciously knowing that they are doing so.

It also suggests that dancing has some kind of protective function when it comes to memory and mood disorders. This means that frequent dance classes could help prevent mood and memory conditions from occurring or even help treat them by boosting cognitive function. Dancing could also be said to have an anti ageing effect on the brain, counteracting the natural decline in memory, learning and balance that occurs as we age.

In addition to having mental and physical benefits, attending group lessons with other people of the same age provides a much-needed outlet for socialising and reduces loneliness, and as the dancing skill increases more confidence also tends to develop.

As you can see, dancing is great for the both the young and the young at heart, and with enough lessons you could find it has you looking and feeling younger than ever before at the same time.