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Why Ballet Dance Classes Make The Perfect Alternative Healthy Activity

Tired of the usual fitness class options and looking for something new? Then ballet should be next on your list of activities to try. Apart from being unique way of getting fit, it offers several unusual advantages that you might find suit your fitness needs more than other classes offered by your local dance academy. Here are just a few reasons why ballet dance classes make for the perfect alternative healthy activity.

  • The older you are, the better it gets

Recent research released by Queensland Ballet and QUT reveals that senior adults who enjoyed ballet classes experienced more energy, better flexibility and posture and feelings of happiness, achievement with as little as three months of classes. Ballet helps tackles many of the problems associated with aging such as a lack of balance and can provide increased mobility (and less reliance on pain medication)in those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

  • It benefits the mind and body

Ballet is one of the rare types of exercises that has proven benefit the mind as much as it does the body. It’s been shown that dance movements impact the part of the mind associated with memory and mindfulness and that it is one of the only forms of exercise that can decrease your risk of developing dementia.

  • It’s a tough workout…

If you’re looking at the graceful movements of ballet dance and thinking it’s not going to be a workout that puts you through your paces, you are wrong. In ballet, specific and often isolated muscle groups must be activated and held in position without large cardiovascular movement required. This requires concentration and a concerted effort. It’s not uncommon for athletes and seasoned runners and cyclists to flounder in ballet dance lessons, as their bodies are simply not used to this kind of strain.

  • …but is beginner friendly too!

Many movements undertaken in ballet dance classes involve isometric contractions of muscles, which are movements that take place without placing an impact on or moving your joints. Because it doesn’t engage the muscles required for dynamic and quick movements you’re less likely to tire quickly and keep going for longer.

As you can see, ballet dance classes offer much more than meets the eye. Why not contact Dynamite Studios and give it a try?

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