Build a solid foundation for a dance career with Dynamite Studio's world-class Ballet programmes

To establish a promising dance career, a dancer must first build a solid technical foundation and master a number of dance styles. For many of the most famous performers in the world of dance, ballet served as the perfect career foundation. This is because ballet has been around for more than 400 years, during which time it has been continually evolving. Ballet provides dancers with the most relevant and effective technical training available.

Here are three reasons why Gold Coast dancers hoping to turn professional should have a firm foundation built with ballet training.


While other types of dance may be limiting and leave dancers with insufficient technical skills and physical and mental strength and agility, ballet provides these benefits in abundance.

1. Ballet dancers learn essential dance techniques

Dancers learn techniques that they can easily take forward into other dance styles. Poise, flexibility, stamina, good posture and strength are just some of the benefits well-trained ballet dancers enjoy.

2. Ballet improves mental strength

Due to the rigorous and demanding nature of ballet, dancers learn self-discipline, focus, and mental stamina.

3. Ballet is the perfect foundation for all dance forms

Ballet training helps build a foundation that can be leveraged for a variety of dance forms, from jazz to hip-hop and everything in between.

Dynamite Studio’s Elite Artist Programme

For aspiring dancers, the addition of the Dynamite Studio’s Elite Artist Programme to the line-up of dance classes available on the Gold Coast takes dance training to a whole new exciting level. These weekly ballet master classes focus on nurturing and developing the technical skills and performance artistry of participants.

The innovative programme features an open class environment. There are three levels: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. To encourage the focus and drive of students, the placement of students in any specific phase will depend purely on technical ability.

Elite ballet training of this kind is the ideal launch pad from which to spring into the world of professional dance at a later stage with confidence, skill and poise. Dynamite Studios’ world-class dance programmes are taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers. Call today for more information.

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