Keya Stevens Acrobatics Trainer
Instructors: Keya Stevens, Chelsea Bowden

Enhancing flexibility and physical strength

For a slight twist on the more traditional gymnastics, our kids acrobatic classes, Gold Coast, offer a fun and inspiring way to move. Students start with fundamentals and work their way up to more advanced skills. Whether your child has their sights set on a career in the spotlight or just enjoys being active and moving their body, we welcome them to our studio.

Our kids acrobatics classes are an excellent add on to dance or circus classes, working on the core skills your child will need for an agile body that moves with grace. Students will develop excellent gross motor skills and core strength along with impressive flexibility. All activities are done in a safe and progressive manner with an emphasis on strength and body posturing to ensure each individual is capable of the skills they’re being taught.

What your child will learn

Beginners Classes

We all have to start somewhere! Our kids beginner acrobatics classes focus on the basics including basic tumbling skills, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, kickovers and round offs. Your child will work on stretching and strength-based practices designed to develop the key muscles required in all acrobatics skills. Our beginner classes are safe, dynamic and fun.

Intermediate Classes

Students will be invited to move up to the intermediate level once our instructors feel they have mastered the basic skills. Building upon those foundations, your child will continue to explore different ways of moving and strengthening their body as they prepare for more advanced skills. Intermediate classes are the perfect balance of challenging and fun.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are offered to those Young Starz who have proven themselves capable of mastering the foundations of acrobatics and who have the strength and flexibility to push their body to new levels. Classes focus on advanced skills such as walkovers, back flips, aerials and front and back somersaults.

How classes are run

All of our kids acrobatics classes are run to coincide with the school term. Running for 10 weeks, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are held at the same time with students broken into their respective competency levels. At the end of the year, students are given the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned in a performance.