Baby Acrobatics

Baby Acrobatics

Keya Stevens Acrobatics Trainer
Instructors: Keya Stevens

About this class

Baby acrobatics classes in our Gold Coast studio are an early-learning program drawing on the kindergym philosophy of optimising brain and physical development before school. Designed specifically for 2-5 year olds, this fun and light-hearted class will incorporate basic acrobatics and gymnastics skills into play-based activity.

Led by experienced instructors, our baby acrobatics classes will help your young child to develop the pathways between their brain and body as they are guided through a number of basic age-appropriate exercises. With ample encouragement, any child, regardless of current skill level, can improve their motor skills and coordination while building a strong, stable body.

What to expect from our classes

2-5 year olds aren’t renowned for having particularly long attention spans! Our baby acrobatics classes take this into consideration and ensure the hour long session is filled with a variety of fun and playful activities. From backbends to tumbling to cartwheels, our instructors weave in basic gymnastic and acrobatic skills specifically designed to improve your child’s level of control over their body. With our Itsy Bitsy Starz, it’s all about getting them involved and having a blast! As such, our baby acrobatics classes are a fun, uplifting and inclusive environment for kids of all level of skill and development.

How classes are run

Our 10 week baby acrobatics programs are aligned with each school term. All kids can join our 2-5 year classes, however, we also have separate classes for 4-5 year olds to cater for those who are ready to advance their skills a little further. Safety is of course our number one priority and classes are run by experienced teachers who work with young children day in and day out. Baby acrobatics classes use safety mats where necessary and have protocols in place to protect your child from injury.