Circus Arts

Circus Arts

Tezz Nuku
Instructors: Aerial Angels

About this class

Whether being a circus performer is a long-term goal or not, circus classes for kids at our Gold Coast studio are just the right mix of fun and challenging to keep your child entertained. Using the hanging apparatus often found in circus shows such as Cirque Du Soleil including the silks, trapeze and lyra (hoop), we work with students to take their skills to new heights.

Enrol your kids in circus classes as the perfect accompaniment to dance or acrobatics. These dynamic classes will help students of other disciplines to expand their versatility to include acrobatic feats in the air that amaze audiences. Beyond this, our circus classes for kids are great for the adventurous child who enjoys a playful and unique approach to movement. If they’re literally climbing the curtains at home, send them to Dynamite to climb ours instead!

What your child will learn

Encompassing silks, trapeze and lyra, our kids circus classes will start with basic skills such as climbing, inverting and wrapping as they get comfortable with each apparatus. As their skills, strength and flexibility progress, teachers will progress to more challenging techniques that include rotations, drops and more complex wraps and hangs. Circus arts combine flexibility with strength so students will also be led through specific conditioning exercises to enhance their learning and development.

How classes are run

Dynamite’s circus classes for kids coincide with the school term and run for 10 weeks. We break students up into skill level to ensure the best level of attention and care from teachers. Safety is a top priority in our studio and all circus classes are conducted with proper protection protocols and utilising fall mats under the equipment.