Gabreille Miller Contemporary Trainer
Instructors: Gabrielle Miller, Joel Murphy

Encouraging individual expression through movement

Our kids contemporary dance classes are for the child who wears their heart on their sleeve and loves simply to express themselves through movement. Fusing technique with raw movement and ballet styles with expressive flowing patterns, contemporary dance is less structured and more about feeling and rhythm. Whether serious about a dancing career or just for the love of movement, contemporary is a fun, modern and emotive style of dance that kids just love.

As they work with the natural alignment of the body, our kids contemporary dance classes are a great entry point for beginners. However, the ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance technique also allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement. Regardless of the level your child is presently, our experienced contemporary dance teachers will help them to connect with the music and their body in new ways.

What your child will learn

One of the most popular styles of dance in the Western world, contemporary dance classes encourage greater mastery of the body. A key focus of the contemporary style is learning to move with more fluidity and so this is something we explore with our students. While maintaining technique and elegant form is still important, we work with students on the freedom, expression and unpredictability of movement that contemporary is renowned for.

How classes are run

At Dynamite, all of our classes, including kids contemporary dance classes, are run over a 10 week term, coinciding with the school term. Students are broken up into age groups and instructed by expert dance teachers who have real world dance experience. Children who show a high level of skill and dedication may be invited into the performance team.