Kids Hip Hop Classes

Kids Hip Hop Classes

Instructors: Jason Weiland, Glen Reyes, Chiara Brewer, Arjan Aminyo

Master the art of popping, krumping and breakdancing

Hip hop is a fun and energetic urban dance style highly influenced by hip hop culture. A relatively new style of dance, hip hop classes suits kids who aren’t looking for classical training or those who want to experience an something unique alongside more traditional dance techniques.

Ideal for kids who have a good sense of rhythm, hip hop combines a variety of styles including breakdancing, locking, popping, boogaloo, tutting and krumping. While freestyling is common in hip hop dancing, our kids hip hop classes always maintain a choreography base while teaching the correct technique.

What your child will learn

Our kids hip hop classes focus on the foundational moves and techniques while emphasising the connection to the music that hip hop is all about. Students will explore a number of different age-appropriate styles that hip hop is renowned for globally. Hip hop classes are a great workout for kids while also helping them to develop great mind body connection and learn the extraordinary things their bodies are capable of.

How classes are run

Our kids hip hop classes are broken into age groups and matched to class progress and competency to ensure a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment. Boys only classes are offered as well. Hip hop classes follow the school year and our term is 10 weeks—see the timetable for class options. Those kids who show a particular aptitude for hip hop classes may be invited into the performance team where they will hone their skills even further with regular choreography and performance-based routines. We hold an end of year showcase performance where all kids are given the opportunity to put what they’ve learned through the year into practice.