Kids Jazz Classes

Kids Jazz Classes

Tezz Nuku
Instructors: Wil Sabin, Tezz Nuku

A harmonious blend of traditional and modern jazz

Our kids jazz classes are wonderful for beginners all the way through to advanced. Jazz is a dance style that has morphed and grown over the years. With roots in ballet and drawing from the more modern hip hop, jazz is a blend of technique, style, confidence and power. Whether your child is interested in a career in dance or just looking for a fun and energetic extra-curricular activity—we welcome them to Dynamite Studios.

Depending on your child’s interests, jazz is great to learn on its own or alongside either the more classical ballet or more urban hip hop. Our kids jazz classes are inspiring, fun and inclusive with a focus on development of gross motor skills, core strength and flexibility.

What you child will learn

Our jazz dance classes fuse together traditional techniques with modern progressions. Jazz is a style of dance that focuses on footwork, quick turns and big leaps across the stage. Isolation is an important aspect of jazz and students will be taken through a number of exercises that help them learn how to move just one part of their body while remaining still everywhere else. Students also learn about the art of suspension which involves flowing through positions gracefully instead of stopping and balancing in them. Other jazz skills that are taught in our kids classes include piques, pirouettes, jazz turns, leg holds, chaines, grande jetes, tour jetes, turning jumps and the signature ‘jazz walk’.

How classes are run

Our kids jazz classes are separated by age groups and designed to be suitable for beginners through to advanced. We run our 10 week terms alongside the school term and work towards an end of year performance where kids are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned in class throughout the year. Instructors are passionate, encouraging and committed to nurturing each student’s potential.