Jorja Warburton
Instructors: Mitch Wynter, Kelsey Walton

Unleash passion and expressiveness through dance

Our kids lyrical dance classes are a wonderful way to nurture expressiveness in children through the art of dance. Characterised by fluidity and grace, lyrical dance draws on ballet and jazz. Its name comes from the meaning of the word ‘lyrical’: poetic, expressing emotions in a beautiful and imaginative way. Similarly to contemporary dance, lyrical is often less about precision of movement and more about telling a story through movement.

Our kids lyrical dance classes are held in our Gold Coast studio. Students will develop and hone an ability to express emotions such as joy, love and anger to music with lyrics. Guided by the instructor’s choreography, they will learn to infuse their dancing with an intensity that brings out the meaning of the song. This free-flowing form of dance is a firm favourite in the DSA studio and instructors adapt the curriculum to suit each age group.

What your child will learn

Our lyrical dance classes are offered exclusively to our performance team. Students who show exceptional dedication, commitment and ability may be invited to join. Classes focus on fluid, continuous and graceful movements that emote the meaning in the selected piece of music. Students learn to be wild, playful and unpredictable with their movements while drawing on highly technical and challenging skills they have learned in other classes. Routines are always based around human emotion and feeling, usually choreographed to music with lyrics. A strong background in jazz and ballet is recommended if lyrical dance is a style your child is interested in.