RAD Classical Ballet

RAD Classical Ballet

Sarah Kaplan
Instructors: Talia Fowler, Clare Morehan, Keely Harrelson, Sarah Kaplan

Establish the technical foundation for all other dance styles

Learning the foundations of ballet is an integral part of any budding dancer’s repertoire. Our ballet classes for kids are a wonderful introduction to and progression through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical ballet syllabus. Establishing a robust core strength, agility, balance, grace and discipline is paramount to ballet, as is perfecting technique. We welcome beginners through to advanced students to Dynamite Studios and offer a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for all kids to learn this wonderful and classical style of dance.

What your child will learn

Typically, the progression through the RAD classical ballet syllabus is slow and methodical and our kids ballet classes are no different. As mentioned, perfecting technique is a key element to ballet training so there is a key focus on the basics to ensure students form a strong foundation from which to develop onto the harder steps. Students will work on both the barre and floor covering each of the classical ballet movements and positions as they progress through our RAD classical ballet class syllabus. These include all the positions, pliés, étendres, sautés, élevés and pointe work, to name a few. For those who wish to progress through the RAD grades, we offer classes that focus on readying students for examinations.

How classes are run

Students are separated into beginners through to advanced, as well as by age and RAD levels. We also separate classes by those working towards examinations and those not. Our kids ballet class terms runs alongside the school term and goes for 10 weeks. At the end of the year, students are invited to participate in a performance to showcase what they’ve learned through the year.