Ready Set Dance

Ready Set Dance

Tezz Nuku
Instructors: Tezz Nuku

The perfect introduction to dance for toddlers and young children

Ready Set Dance is designed specifically to get pre-schoolers and toddlers moving and grooving. The curriculum takes a playful approach to dance that ignites the imagination and curiosity of youngsters and get them excited to learn while keeping them engaged. Recognised as a wonderful early learning program, Ready Set Dance has been developed by dance instructors with over 30 years of industry experience working with young kids. It uses cool music tracks that have been created by Australian kids television industry music producers. A wonderful way to build confidence, body awareness coordination, strength and flexibility, Ready Set Dance classes are above all about having oodles of fun and being playful in a supportive environment.

What’s a Ready Set Dance class like?

Bursting with imagination and creativity, Ready Set Dance takes kids through a series of exercises such as balancing bean bags, working as a team with a parachute, singing into the microphone and playing musical instruments—all while learning the basics of dance! Targeted to ages two to five years old, the syllabus is divided into two levels to ensure kids feel comfortable within a group of children of a similar experience. It also ensures they’re always experiencing something new and different as they progress through the curriculum. The specially designed Ready Set Dance jazz, hip hop and tap exercises are perfect for both boys and girls of all abilities.