Tezz Nuku
Instructors: Hannah Crowther, Abbe Bradbury

Are you harbouring the next Beyoncé?

Does your child love to sing and have big ambitions?

Kids singing classes in our Gold Coast studio are for the kids who come along when holding a melody. Designed to nurture their creative potential, our classes will give your budding little artist a strong foundation in vocal training. Guiding kids at the beginning of their singing journey all the way through to advanced, teachers ensure all children feel safe, comfortable and included in our supportive environment.

Singing is meant to be joyful. We ensure every class is fun and all students leave happy and smiling, looking forward to coming back to their next class. For those who are keen to make a career out of singing, we offer ample opportunity to perform and as much guidance and support we can provide to help them achieve their dreams. However, our kids singing classes aren’t just for those with professional aspirations—all kids of all levels and ability are welcome.

What your child will learn

Our kids singing classes focus on vocal drills that improve tone and transitions while exploring the more technical aspects of singing such as breath and range expansion. Classes explore a range of genres and various songs to increase versatility and help them correctly stylise to each.

Students in our kids singing classes are taught performance skills to get comfortable on the stage and in front of an audience and then given the opportunity to put them into practice through numerous live performances. Those students who show exceptional ability may be invited into out elite vocal group to amp up their training and hone their skills even further.

How classes are run

Kids singing classes in our Gold Coast studio coincide with the school term and run for 10 weeks at a time. Students can sign up for a term to get a feel for it or for the entire year. At the end of the year, students are invited to participate in a school performance to showcase the skills they’ve developed over the term.