Stretch and Technique

Stretch and Technique

Keely Harrelson Ballet Trainer
Instructors: Sarah Kiely

Improve and enhance dance ability with stretch and technique classes

Even if a student has a natural aptitude for dance, stretch and technique classes in our Gold Coast studio can make a dramatic difference to their capabilities. It takes time and conditioning outside of basic class warm ups and cool downs in class to improve flexibility and perfect technique.

Our dance stretch and technique classes are run by a physiotherapist with a strong background in dance. Combining a dynamic understanding of the biomechanics of the body and dance technique, students are guided to safely expand their current flexibility limits and correct technique for a commanding presence on stage.

What your child will learn

Dance stretch and technique classes at our Gold Coast studio are designed to take your child to the next level of skill and ability. Each student is guided to identify their current limitations and through careful and deliberate action, break through previous barriers. Dance stretch and technique classes also help students to avoid injury through building up strength and endurance alongside flexibility.

Classes explore correct pointe, turn out, split and jump technique—plus more—while strengthening the muscles involved in each of these movements. A key focus is core strength and proper body alignment and classes may involve barre and centre work. Dance stretch and technique classes are a must for kids who are serious about their dance and looking to establish a solid foundation of skill and technique from which to build upon.

How classes are run

Dance stretch and technique classes are held in our Gold Coast studio. Coinciding with the school term, they run for 10 weeks at a time. Students are split into general age ranges to ensure comparable skill levels. Our qualified and experienced teacher emphasises safety and always ensures students are not overextending themselves to prevent injury. This dynamic class complement all styles of dance.