Training Blocks

Training Blocks

Keya Stevens Acrobatics Trainer
Instructors: Keya Stevens, Abbe Bradbury, Tezz Nuku

Dance training blocks for dancers serious about performance

Dance training blocks classes in our Gold Coast studio are designed to build cohesion between students in our performance teams while improving dance skills for individual students. Our performance teams are exclusively for students who are willing to put in whatever it takes to be the best dancers they can be. They take absolute commitment through the full calendar year.

Emphasising collaboration and teamwork, dance training blocks classes are designed to train and polish performance team routines to ensure all students individually and collectively are competition ready. We are undefeated at a number of eisteddfods and dance training blocks is an integral part of ensuring our students reach their fullest potential, consistently performing to the highest level.

What your child will learn

Dance training blocks classes work on technique and synchronisation in group performances. Performing in groups is entirely different to performing solo. Even the size of the group can make a significant difference. It changes the style and what’s required of each dancer. Classes aim to build a strong bond in the group to enhance cohesion and energy. Students are coached individually where required but the focus in these classes is on the group and fostering a performance ready team.

Dance training blocks classes take place in our Gold Coast studio and are for all performance teams ages 11 and over. Classes run for 25 weeks of the calendar year and 100% attendance and commitment is required and expected.