Tumble Track and Balance

Tumble Track and Balance

Keya Stevens Acrobatics Trainer
Instructors: Keya Stevens

For the little acrobat who loves to tumble

Our Tumbling Track and Balance classes are a dynamic exploration of artistic gymnastics and trampolining. Often referred to as power tumbling, the trampoline allows for more advanced tumbling skills to be linked together and helps students to become strong and confident with movements, eventually being able to work without the trampoline entirely. If your child loves to do handstands, cartwheels or somersaults, they’ll love Tumbling Track and Balance classes in our Gold Coast studio.

What your child will learn

Classes focus on the basics of tumbling including cartwheels, round offs and forward rolls as well as more advanced skills such as somersaults and flips. Proper handstand technique and balance is also a key focus through the curriculum. Some prior experience with acrobatics and/or gymnastics is advantageous for this class as Tumbling Track and Balance focuses on honing skill and technique in order to progress students through more advanced linked transitions. Students are also guided through landing practices and proper technique to ensure they know how to stay safe while exploring their body’s mobility to its fullest potential. Instructors are encouraging and supportive, always looking to build students’ confidence and help them to reach their goals.

How classes are run

Tumbling Track and Balance classes in our Gold Coast studio coincide with the school term and run across a ten week period. Students are split into age groups to ensure advancements are age and development appropriate. Instructors also take into account each student’s individual progress and current skill level. Students work towards an end of year performance where they can showcase what they’ve learned through the year.