Turns and Leaps

Turns and Leaps

Keya Stevens Acrobatics Trainer
Instructors: Keya Stevens

Enhance your little dancer’s turning and leaping technique

Dance is an artform underpinned by form and technique and it can be helpful to work on specific aspects of this to improve a dancer’s overall ability. Dancing Turns and Leaps classes in our Gold Coast studio do just that. Turns and leaps are used in almost all of the various styles of dance and in most choreography. This class will help students to improve their form and technique when leaping and spinning—which is crucial to a dancer’s technical progress.

What will students learn

Focusing specifically on jumping and turning, our Dancing Turns and Leaps classes will teach students to properly and safely prepare for a jump so as to prevent injury. We also focus on how to properly turn on the body’s centre axis to avoid falling over or losing balance. Each specific jump and turn movement taught in the dance curriculum at Dynamite Studios is broken down so that students can understand exactly what positioning is required to complete the move flawlessly. This is an excellent class for students who wish to take their dancing to the next level or for those looking to start a career in the industry. Some dance experience is necessary so that students are familiar with the movements prior to class.

How classes are run

Dancing Turns and Leaps classes are held in our Gold Coast studio and run alongside the 10 week school term. Students are divided into age groups and instructors take into consideration each individual student’s current skill level when directing the class. This class complements our other dancing classes and is perfect for the dancer who is keen to progress their technique and form with the support and guidance of our highly experienced instructors.