What to expect from a performing arts high school Gold Coast

If you’re thinking of attending a performing arts high school, Gold Coast, you may be wondering what to expect.

Performing arts high schools are quite different to your average high school. There are some pivotal experiences – like sports carnivals and school dances – that you will miss out on. However, if you’re passionate about pursuing a career in the arts, it can be a life-changing experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect from your Gold Coast performing arts high school to help you figure out if it’s the right choice for you.

Small, intimate classes

If the idea of taking small, intimate classes with like-minded students who are as passionate about their art excites you, then you’re going to love life at a performing arts high school on the Gold Coast. Attending this type of school is a choice and it takes commitment. This means that the students are all dedicated to getting the most out of their education and pursuing their passionate dream of a career in the arts. It’s an inspiring, lively environment that breeds creativity.

“Normal school” classes

It might be a Gold Coast high school focusing on performing arts, but it’s not all performing arts and dance. You can expect to follow the compulsory government curriculum for high school education as well. The key difference is how this is broken up. Generally speaking, within a day you would expect to do around 3 hours of academic studies and 3 hours of dynamic performance arts focused classes. Essentially, you’re still completing the required learnings to get your high school certificate, but your ‘elective’ classes focus solely on performance arts.

Hard work

Performing Arts high schools on the Gold Coast aren’t for everyone. In fact, not everyone is accepted into our programs. It isn’t enough to have talent on its own, you need to have the drive, commitment, focus and passion required to pursue a career in the arts. It’s a tough industry and we go to great lengths to ensure you’re entirely prepared for your career choice. If you’re looking for an easy high school experience where you can coast through with little effort, it’s not the school for you. But if you are truly dedicated to pursuing your passion, you will relish the opportunity to spend so much of your schooling years focusing on your art.

Passionate teachers

Our Gold Coast performing arts high school teachers are passionate about helping each and every one of our students to excel in their chosen field. Beyond this, they’re dedicated to ensuring that all students follow the usual high school curriculum so that their education is well rounded. Our teachers push our students hard to help them constantly reach out of their comfort zones, but they’re also supportive, warm and genuinely caring.

Regular and consistent performance opportunities

If you’re ready to live and breathe dance and performing arts, you will have plenty of opportunities to gain confidence through performance. Our Gold Coast performing arts high school performance team members get exposure to competitions, auditions and paid, professional work opportunities. This is an invitation only group but wonderful experience for those truly committed to a flourishing career in the arts.

So, there’s a brief run down on some of the basics you can expect from your performing arts high school on the Gold Coast.

Still have more questions? Take a look at our prospectus for a deeper insight into how we structure our courses and programs.