Love Myself - Dynamite Studios Academy

Nothing sums up who we are at Dynamite more than this video. Not only does it showcase the extraordinary talent we have here it's also a testament to the drive and dedication of our students.

The creation of this clip is as remarkable as the final product. We arrived at Rainbow Beach Coolangatta at 4:30am, shivering under blankets in the dark, waiting for the sun to rise. The pressure was on! We knew that the moment the sun emerged we only had a fifteen minute window to film four scenes and that each take had to be perfect. As soon as there was enough light our students showed us that they truly embody the Dynamite spirit of grit and determination. It wasn’t just cold, it was freezing! Can you imagine doing a developé and a press arch on jagged rocks? Forget the comfort of the studio, our kids needed to arabesque, ponché, tumble and knee drop in ice-cold water on sand! Our exceptional students did it all without so much of a complaint.

What we love the most about this clip is that it captures our Artistic Director’s vision that dance is the ultimate pathway to learning how to love yourself. It also shows the comradely and friendship our students have with the teachers and each other.

So if you are wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts the Gold Coast is the place to do it!

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Chorography: @alexmeidzinski @taliafowler @wilsabinentertainment
Music: ‘Love Myself’ @blakemcgrath
Creative Direction: @abbebradbury @erinofl
Visual: @flukemedia


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