Our Gold Coast acrobatics classes: key skills you’ll learn

Interested in acrobatics classes on the Gold Coast? We’ll help you get bendier, stretchier and stronger as you progress through a number of key acro skills. Let’s take a look at some of them in greater detail.


Always wanted to balance or walk on your hands? Our Gold Coast acrobatics classes will help you to develop the strength and fine-tune the alignment needed to keep you upside down longer. Beginning against a wall, as your balance improves we’ll move away from any support structures and give you pointers on getting up and down with smooth and effortless grace.

Cartwheels and roundoffs

Cartwheels and roundoffs are one of the basic skills you’ll learn in our Gold Coast acrobatics classes. As a foundational move, cartwheeling is when you make a complete rotation from your feet to your hands and back to your feet again. Roundoffs are where you land with both feet together, similar to the way gymnasts land in gymnastics.


Forwards and backwards, rolls are the precursor to flips and somersaults. Literally launching yourself head over heels, in our Gold Coast acrobatics classes, you’ll learn the proper technique to protect your neck and land softly.

Once you’ve mastered the basic skills of handstands, cartwheels, tumbling and rolls, we’ll move onto some more advanced skills.


Once you’ve mastered the roll, we’ll explore somersaulting both with touching your hands on the ground and without. Somersaults can be backwards or forwards and together, during our Gold Coast acrobatics classes, we’ll guide you to progress from rolling until you’re confidently somersaulting! Your safety is of course our number one priority so we have the appropriate crash mats to ease your landing.

Back flips

A back flip is launching into the air and flipping over backwards with or without touching your hands to the ground. While it is a basic skill that precursors to many others, it is still a challenging movement that takes some time and practise to master. During your Gold Coast acrobatics classes, we’ll guide you through the technique and provide assistance until you’re confident enough to try one yourself.


Why not put everything you’ve learned through our Gold Coast acrobatics classes into the air? Aerials utilises apparatus such as lyra (hoop), silks or trapeze. With your newfound flexibility, strength and coordination, we’ll guide you through the basics of applying what you’ve learned in the air. You can learn more about our aerials and circus arts training here.