Our Performing Arts Academy Gold Coast

Our mission is to provide learning experiences that ignite student potential. We create life changing opportunities for students and trainers. Our studio is a hub of creative energy where students feel inspired, connected and supported.

Dynamite Studios Academy is committed to providing high quality dance education whilst equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Our unique curriculum is designed to build confidence, critical thinking and to enhance communication skills. We pride ourselves on maintaining a commitment to excellence and offering pathways that will allow our students to thrive as artists in the performing arts and entertainment industries.

Our vision is to empower students to dream, believe and achieve. Our educators and trainers are industry professionals who are committed to cultivating the skills you need to build a career that has longevity. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment that strives to stretch and extend each artist. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in us earning the reputation as being an elite provider of education and training for up-coming artists across Australia.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) regulated by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) for the provision of Vocational Education and Training Services. VET is a fundamental driver of the skilled Australian workforce. We offer formal qualifications in a wide range of trade and professional skills.

We welcome you to our vibrant and tight-knit family and look forward to supporting you on your artistic journey.

Why choose Dynamite Studios Academy?

You can count on us to provide an uncompromising dedication to the learning growth of each student. The philosophy that drives our programs is an “expectation of excellence” and each facet of Dynamite Studios Academy is dedicated to supporting this vision. You can expect each student to feel valued and supported in an environment that is committed to encouraging them to Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Industry Engagement

DSA has training and assessment strategies that have been developed in consultation with industry representatives from a broad cross section of the performing arts. Feedback from students, industry professionals and associates have furthered the skills and knowledge required by DSA trainers and assessors, and have enhanced the ongoing evaluation and development of resources, tools and strategies.

DSA students benefit in many ways from 
the strong relationships that have been forged and nurtured with highly qualified and experienced industry professionals. These industry representatives not only validate the company’s training and assessment strategies, but work hand in hand with staff to ensure the quality of training and assessment sets high benchmark standards.

The industry engagement process contributes to the currency and relevance of training, the validity of the assessment process and ensures that programs exceed industry benchmarks and train students to reach an elite standard in a growing industry.

Earn while you Learn!

Dynamite Studios Academy students gain immediate entry into Dynamite Studios Agency, and are exposed to auditions and professional, paid work opportunities. Dynamite Studios Agency currently provides a wide variety of talent to multiple entertainment companies throughout the year for events Australia and worldwide.