Student Information

Enrolling in a nationally recognised program a student is required to provide a USI (Unique Student Identifier). If a student is undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) they will need to provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI). A USI gives a student access to their online USI account which will retain all of their training records.

Signing the DSA enrollment form is a student’s declaration that they have:

  • Read and understood their responsibilities as a student with DSA
  • A clear understanding of the course, program/qualification that they have enrolled in and the course, program/qualification requirements
  • Read, understood and agree to terms and conditions, payments, fees, refunds and cancellation requirements
  • Read and understood DSA privacy policy.
  • Provided a USI, agreement to provide one or consent to DSA to obtain one on their behalf


The enrollment procedure is integral to compliant record keeping and data reporting. The following steps are provided to ensure the enrollment process is consistent across all Dynamite Studios Academy operations.


Once an offer has been accepted in a DSA program a student must have the following documents and information (as a minimum) to finalise their enrollment.

Identifcation (ID) or current Australian (preferred), or other accepted documentation to verify citizenship and/or eligibility for enrollment into a VET program.


To enroll in a DSA course/program or qualification a student will attend an audition, interview and will be invited to attend a pre-enrollment assessment. Video application and telephone or electronic options are also available to students unable to attend face to face. All students intending to enroll in a qualification would be encouraged to attend a LLN assessment prior to enrollment to confirm their learning capacity.



Dynamite Studios Academy is committed to taking the time to assess/understand the needs of students and customers. DSA have invested in a team of highly experienced professionals that provide a personalised ‘in- house’ assessment and account management service that starts with pre training assessment at an initial interview/audition.

This pre-enrollment interview aims to identify the aspirations of each individual, assessing their existing skills and learning capacity and provide course information that ensures a student’s training choices are consistent with their needs, capability and may include: LLN or competency conversation, vocational assessment, previous education/training, work/life experience, career planning, course selection, learning and career pathway planning, credit transfer.


If a student does not have a USI they will need to create one. To create a USI a student will need their ID ready, such as a current passport, full birth certificate or driver’s license. Once a USI has been created, a student will need to store it securely and provide it to finalise enrollment. DSA can also assist a student to obtain a USI on their behalf but will need a student’s consent to do so.


Prior to admission into a program at Dynamite Studios Academy all students will be provided with a complete fee structure outline and terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the student/guardian to familiarize themselves with that fee structure and the details pertaining to finalizing enrollment/admission. A payment schedule must also be selected and a direct debit form completed to enable deduction of the nominated amounts on the selected timeline. Payments are made on a weekly basis and will be direct debited each Friday. (SEE TERMS and CONDITIONS)


When completing the Dynamite Studios Academy enrollment form it is critical that all fields are completed in full. To finalise the enrollment process a student will:

  • Complete the DSA enrollment form
  • Provide all eligibility required documents, including USI
  • Complete any course requirements or pre-requisites
  • Payment of associated fees


Once the enrollment process has been completed in full the student will be provided with course start and end date, timetable and be invited to attend orientation.

DSA course entry is by audition face to face or video submission that will demonstrate competence in at least one dance style at the appropriate Certificate level applied for. An application for audition or expression of interest can be made by contacting our enquiries and enrollment department on 1300 363 207 or

Auditions and/or Experience Days are held four times a year in March, June, July and September for enrollments or course commencement into the following year.

Within 21 days after the completion of the auditions, DSA will send formal Letters of Offer to the successful applicants. If a student accepts an offer they must respond in writing within 28 days of receiving the offer to secure their place in the program. Students unsuccessful in the first round of admissions may be added to a standby list and offered a place at a later date. This second round of offers will be made in order of audition.


DSA offers a cooling period off period of 14 days post enrollment. If a student withdraws within the 14 days, enrollment will not progress.


Dynamite Studios Academy is committed to ensuring fair and reasonable cancellations and refund practices in accordance with the standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

The following principals underpin the DSA cancellation and refund process:

  • Transparency: Details of Dynamite Studios Academy Terms and Conditions, fees, charges and refunds guideline are publicly available.
  • Accountability: Dynamite Studios Academy does not accept liability for loss or damage suffered in the event that a student withdraws from a course.



  • Implement a fair and reasonable assessment process for requests for refunds.
  • Provide refunds to customers/students’ as follows:



  • A course is cancelled by Dynamite Studios Academy
  • A student provides Dynamite Studios Academy with notice of cancellation within the fourteen (14) day cooling off period of an offer being accepted. (See terms and conditions)
  • At the discretion of the Artistic Director and upon the supply of sufficient documentary evidence, a refund may be made or negotiated due to illness, hospitalisation, other medical conditions or extenuating circumstances.

An application for a refund or credit note must be completed by the customer/student in writing. Form Application for refund is available from Course Advisor. The completed form and supporting evidence for refund or credit note will be submitted for final approval at the discretion of the Artistic Director.



DSA has a comprehensive pre-enrollment interview/assessment process and a cooling off period. If a student wishes to cancel once the course has been commenced a refund will not be issued if a student:

  • Is unable to attend due to a change in their personal or work circumstances.
  • Moves interstate.
  • Leaves without completing a course/unit.


If a student is unable to attend the course or program that they have enrolled in and prior notice is given according to information available to them, they may defer their enrollment to a later date

Fees already paid may be retained by DSA and credited towards the later course or program.

Scholarships are offered annually to students who apply and audition for our accredited courses. Half and full scholarships are offered to suitable students who have been successful during the application process.

For more information, download the Dynamite Studios Academy Student Handbook.