How to Prepare an Audition for a School of Performing Arts on the Gold Coast

Deciding to audition for a place at a school of performing arts on the Gold Coast is the all-important first step towards a career in dance. While it’s an exciting time, the thought of competing against hundreds of other dancers can feel overwhelming and frightening.

Even the most seasoned of artists suffer from performance anxiety from time to time, and they’ll all tell you that one sure fix is to be as well prepared as possible. From the basics like remembering to breathe correctly, to committing to practise as much as you can, there are ways to beat self-sabotaging nerves. The expert ballet instructors at Dynamite Studio’s School of Performing Arts on the Gold Coast offer these excellent pointers to help you make the most of the all the opportunities an audition affords.

Invest in Lessons

Private and group lessons at a reputable studio will take your performance abilities to the next level. The confidence and experience you’ll gain from a good teacher will be the difference between a good audition and a great one. It’s important to take your chosen craft seriously, whether it’s dance, acting or singing, and you'll get out as much as you decide to put in.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Treat each practice session like a show for a live audience and give 110% of yourself and don't settle for average. If every training session is as important to you as every performance, this goes a long way to diminishing nerves because you will be focused on excellence in every situation. When preparing for an important audition, don't think of it as a gruelling test, instead, consider it as an opportunity to showcase all you've been practising.

Perform as often as possible

A good ballet school will ensure you have opportunities to perform, which will help you gain confidence on stage. Confidence is a top requirement for a successful audition. Remember that all experience counts, so take advantage of any opportunities to show what you’re made of.

Do Your Research

Read up on the school you’ll be auditioning for. A clear understanding of the selection team’s expectations will give you an edge over other candidates. If possible, pay a visit to the school ahead of your audition so that you know exactly where you will be performing.

Rest, Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Take care of your health so that you’re in peak condition. Make sure you’re well rested and nourished before your audition. Balanced mental, physical and emotional health is essential for delivering a star performance.

If you've got more questions about auditions or would like to find out about Dynamite Studios Performing Arts School on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us today.