How Professional Dance Lessons Can Prevent Injury

Have you been inspired to take up dancing after witnessing someone’s spectacular dance moves on television, in a movie or in a music video? Then make sure your next step is to book a professional session with a reputable Gold Coast dance lesson instructor before you try to execute any of the moves yourself. While experienced dancers might make all dance moves seem effortless, the wrong move could leave you with painful injuries.

Why choose dance lessons with a formal dance instructor?

A recent report released by researchers in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine reveals that modern dancers are increasingly taking larger risks by practicing more dangerous moves by themselves in order to create a spectacular performance.

This can put stress on their muscles and ligaments. The research reveals that common injuries stemming from traditional dance moves such as ballet include upper body injuries while more modern types of dance like hip hop tend to result in lower body and back injuries. These injuries can range from minor tears to prolapsed discs, requiring everything from surgery to physiotherapy to fix.

While you may be aware of all the main moves involved in your dance of choice and even have danced these moves in the past, you could still benefit from attending a formal dance lesson or two.

One of the most critical ways formal lessons help you is by showing you how to achieve optimal body alignment and posture. This reduces your risk of straining or overusing any muscle, as well as reducing any pressure placed on your joints, ligaments or spine. Most people have some kind of muscular imbalance present in their body that while fatal, can lead to injury if one proceeds to dance without correcting it.

Most people who start attending lessons find that they become more aware of how they move within the space they’re given, helping them to become more aware of their posture and how they execute every dance move. This is difficult to observe by yourself without someone pointing it out to you. It’s a skill that doesn’t happen overnight and requires repeated instruction before it becomes an automatic part of your dance technique, but it’s one well worth investing in to prevent possible future injury and to improve your overall balance, support and alignment.

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